Because pain is the sign of
weakness leaving your body

Edge & Spoke Sufferin' Summits Passport 2 Pain RAMROD 7 Hills of Kirkland
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NameLocationLengthElevation GainGradientMax Gradient
Zoo (L'Alp d'Issaquah)Issaquah2.813219.120
Factoria to BCC overpassFactoria0.82315.37
Ames LakeFrom 2021.02624.816
Union HillFrom Ames Lake1.42823.99
Novelty Hill (West)From Redmond2.14724.210
Kelly road from stillwaterEast from 2031.02234.39
Cherry Valley RoadEast from Duvall1.62042.510
40th, bel-red to topRedmond0.61745.68
520 trailRedmond1.43144.212
Market StreetKirkland0.71604.16
Seminary RoadJuanita1.24146.715
Juanita Drive, from SouthJuanita2.53752.88
Juanita Drive, from NorthJuanita1.54105.310
Winery Hill, Main routeWoodinville0.73258.913
Winery Hill, 7 hills routeWoodinville0.83077.116
24th streetE. Bellevue0.52138.416
112th, 520 to downtownBellevue0.71704.88
Lake Hills ConnectorBellevue0.62397.513
Kamber RoadBellevue0.52097.812
164th, up from Newport wayBellevue0.93187.111
244 Ave NE, south from 202Redmond0.52289.413
SE 34th Vasa Park to Hilltop / SummitBellevue3.811325.719
SE 26th, up from Lake SammamishBellevue0.320311.511
SE 43rd WayIssaquah1.14117.113
Issaquah - Fall CityIssaquah0.8326820
Lakemont BlvdBellevue1.96516.615
SE 68th - Lakemont BlvdBellevue2.94062.710
Mountain Park BlvdIssaquah2.49767.817
Norway Hill (North)Bothell1.34075.910
Norway Hill (South)Bothel1.02665.36
Sahalee WayRedmond0.94048.111
192nd Dr NERedmond0.216412.716
Thompson Hill RdRedmond0.62938.611
Fall City - IssaquahFall City1.23705.713
Novelty Hill (East)Redmond0.84199.715
Union Hill RoadRedmond0.93056.313
Woodinville Duvall RoadWoodinville1.538259
NE 171st StWoodinville1.44916.510
James StSeattle0.73349.412
Stone Way N.Seattle0.918848
E Galer StSeattle0.83237.716
Holmes Point RdJuanita0.92365.111
NE 104th StRedmond0.426311.218
153rd Ave SE to Horizon ViewBellevue2.2799719
Carkeek ParkSeattle0.8328813
Golden GardensSeattle0.82686.412
Flaming GeyserBlack Diamond1.03135.713
8th Ave NWSeattle1.82522.64
Thorndyke AveSeattle1.01703.36
High Rock RoadDuvall3.49255.210
Old Redmond RoadRedmond1.83914.110
NE 132ndKirkland1.11592.810
3rd Ave WSeattle0.82917.112
Snoqualmie FallsSnoqualmie Falls1.12764.612
Points Dr NEBellevue0.61515.20
92nd Ave NEBellevue0.31427.80
Tolt HillRedmond1.24387.20
Highpoint WSWest Seattle2.54623.50
High Point from westWest Seattle1.24897.80
Meydenbauer ClimbBellevue0.42078.919
Simmons Rd NEJuanita0.62216.80
NE 173rd PlWoodinville0.93126.60
Lake Alice RdFall City1.66307.317
Inverness Dr NESeattle0.421811.60
W Dravus StSeattle0.430012.70
E. Alder StSeattle0.31588.90
SE 56th StIssaquah0.73659.80
SE Black Nugget RoadIssaquah0.83067.60
Blue RidgeSeattle0.92996.615
California Way & Ave SWWest Seattle1.33094.60
Highland Park Way SWWest Seattle0.5314110
California Way & Ave SWWest Seattle / Alki1.02935.50
Shorewood Dr SWWest Seattle / Burien0.533413.420
Madrona ClimbSeattle1.02875.40
Mercer Island LoopMercer Island2.21671.40
132nd Place NEKirkland/Totem Lake0.31568.90
Bagpipe Hill SteepWoodinville0.62557.50
NE 136th StJuanita0.420710.70
164th St SEMill Creek0.83026.80
NE 80th St + 172nd Ave NERedmond0.93006.40
NE 42nd Way (The Gate)Redmond0.215815.70
NE 128 St + 136th Ave NEKirkland0.72276.60
Buttes DriveCovington0.5312120
Fullerton Ave to E CherrySeattle0.530011.60
Lake MarieSnoqualmie2.08237.718
W Dravus to W Barrett 0.42039.415
122nd PL NEBridle Trails Bellevue1.03266.20
130th Ave NEBridle Trails Bellevue0.71814.60
W Manor PlaceMagnolia0.427612.713
W Raye StMagnolia0.31529.40
Seward Park AvenueSeattle0.41606.88
143rd Pl NEWoodinville1.245370
SE 24th WaySammamish0.63139.40
SE 32nd StSammamish0.73329.40
SE 79th PlNewcastle1.03917.70
Taylor Ave NQueen Anne0.82766.70
Tiger Mtn (from south)Tiger Mtn / Issaquah1.94264.28
NE 178th + 151st Way NEWoodinville0.5347120
166th Ave NERedmond1.13305.90
Forest CanyonSumner1.35007.60
Lakeland Hills Way (north route)Auburn1.147680
Kersey WayAuburn1.84264.60
AP Tubbs RoadSouth Prairie0.72918.20
Hollyhills DriveWoodinville0.61906.30
Bloomberg HillBothell0.424412.40
NE 137thJuanita0.724470
Brickyard RoadJuanita0.62838.50
Northup WayBellevue0.93086.30
Highland DriveIssaquah1.03145.80
Duthie Hill RoadFall City0.72617.19
Mt Olympus to Squak Mtn Loop Issaquah3.110216.216
Mirrormont to 154th on Tiger Mtn Tiger Mtn/ Issaquah1.95335.315
Tiger Mtn from the NTiger Mtn/Issaquah2.15745.311
May Valley Rd to summit of Cougar MtnS. side of Cougar Mtn5.410643.717
High Valley/ 127TH S. side of Squak MtnMay Valley rd2.09769.127
SE 112th St on S side of Cougar Mtn.May Valley Rd1.96546.613
W. Barrett St. from 34th Ave WMagnolia0.31709.616
Queen Anne Tank via Taylor & GalerQueen Anne0.93557.418
Volunteer Park from Boyer AveCapitol Hill1.13886.518
Discovery Park from the Locks via 40th W.Magnolia2.03343.210
North Beach To Golden GardensNorth Beach0.92455.418
Thornton Creek to Maple Leaf via 8thNorthgate0.72085.310
132nd Way off Hobart / IssaquahTiger Mtn/Issaquah1.88909.321
SE 34th from Vasa Park Bellevue0.72576.514
Tiger Mtn TT Course Tiger Mtn / Issaquah3.86233.111
Mud MtnEnumclaw1.02234.310
Montreaux-Zooma's RevengeIssaquah3.613166.923
Cedar GroveMaple Valley1.61722.110
SE Black Nugget Road - SteepIssaquah0.318610.90
Reith RoadKent, WA1.23205.20
216thKent, WA0.843210.10
Baker Hill Bainridge Island0.82496.20
Reith Road to Lk Fenwick Rd to 253rdKent, WA1.13325.90
272ndKent, WA1.53484.40
15th NW / Terrace DRAuburn, WA1.04578.90
Fairmount Ave SWWest Seattle0.73419.122
Ferry Ave SWWest Seattle0.528711.114
Admiral Way SW from westWest Seattle0.61975.810
53rd Ave SWWest Seattle1.03156.225
218TH AVE SEAuburn-Black Diamond1.03336.40
WildwoodIssaquah/Swauk Mtn2.610027.418
W. Valley HWY to EdgewoodEdgewood1.24186.60
212th Way SEIssaquah0.93697.90
SE 36th St/Gallagher Hill RoadMercer Island0.41919.10
Woodridge Hill/Norwood HeightsBellevue0.72747.10
RattlesnakeNorth Bend2.06055.70
NE 68thKirkland1.64004.70
128th Ave SE Bellevue0.92465.20
Discovery Park - South Beach up W. Utah St.Seattle0.52408.50
E RoySeattle0.424312.321
fall city southFall City2.17927.10
Discovery Park North lot to W. Utah St.Seattle0.51325.10
Discovery Park - Vermont Ave (Illinois Ave.)Discovery Park0.315610.80
Discovery Park - W Government WayDiscovery Park0.312880
Heart Attack Hill (mtn bike)Woodinville0.328320.30
Lowell StEverett0.622370
Tolt Pipeline towards Kirkland (mtn bike)Woodinville0.532411.30
NE 133rd to Tolt Pipeline (mtn bike)Duvall (?)0.541214.60
Wildwood to IdylwoodIssaquah3.010036.421
152nd Ave SE to HilltopBellevue1.87367.90
149th Ave SEBellevue0.3244140
140th up to FairwoodRenton1.23846.10
Yesler WaySeattle1.326840
Yesler Way 1.123140
Phinney Ridge 0.42229.70
Interlaken 0.41145.10
Toejam Road 0.62637.90
Toe-jam Road, going south 0.526010.60
Lord Hill RoadSE of Snohomish, WA1.64295.212.5
Cavalero HillEast of Everett, WA0.320613.120
228th - WestBothell1.13466.20
228th - EastBothell0.73098.20
Clearview Hill SouthboundSnohomish2.95623.60
NE 30thRedmond0.212311.10
NE 3rd St/NE 4th StRenton0.52098.412
N 30th StKennydale/Renton0.51435.70
SE 76th StRenton/Newcastle0.533412.20
Newport WayIssaquah2.31301.10
Vasa ParkBellevue0.82505.90
SE 76thNewcastle0.327916.10
NE 190th CtParadise Lake0.2114110
200th Ave NEParadise Lake0.316412.20
NE 202nd PlParadise Lake0.31709.30
NE 178th St/ 24th Ave NENorth City/Lake Forest Pk1.43675.18
4th AveSeattle0.634111.320
To Madrona from I-90 Baker Tunnel and Frink ParkSeattle1.82672.916
7th & 112th Ave NEKirkland1.02594.80
NE 120thKirkland0.41526.50
Pike's PeakBellevue0.62637.70
STP - "The Hill"Puyallup1.03065.615
Phil's HillAuburn0.52639.60
Education Hill (eastbound, traditional route)Redmond1.736440
NE 116th (Education hill, heading west)Redmond0.81904.30
Montreaux + Zoo TopIssaquch2.913058.415
Winery Hill 7 Hills RouteWoodinville0.93206.70
Market Street Hill from NorthKirkland0.81704.30
Gold BeachVashon Island0.423611.916
Finn Hill via Simonds Road and 84th AveKenmore1.24306.50
Finn Hill via Waynita and Simonds RoadKenmore2.13993.60
Vashon Ferry Hill 1Vashon Island, WA0.73549.20
NE 132nd StreetKirkland0.92886.30
Goss Lake RoadFreeland, WA0.72476.60
Maple Leaf Hill - Roosevelt WySeattle, WA0.82154.90
NE Redmond RoadRedmond1.41722.30
Woodinville - DuvallDuvall1.93883.80
NE 152nd St to 176th Ave NEHollywood hill0.1285.10
NE 46th StRedmond0.82285.70
Massachusetts to Lake Washington BlvdSeattle0.111014.920
52nd StreetKirkland0.4227120
Horizon ViewLake Forest Park1.84794.90
164th AvenueRedmond0.82746.30
Squak Mountainloop via Mtn OlympusIssaquah2.79856.917
94th Ave NEJuanita0.1669.20
Fremont AveFreemont0.82445.70
SW BartonWest Seattle0.92645.60
NE 139thJuanita / Finn Hill0.52589.620
NE 140th PLJuanita / Finn Hill0.52388.70
The Eliminator on 185thCougar Mtn1.184114.70
NE 65thSand Point0.62557.90
165th Ave SEBellevue0.212913.822
Montreaux -> Zoo CutoffIssaquah0.73489.920
NE 24thBellevue - Clyde Hill0.7298815
51st Neighborhood RouteBellevue0.82245.413
Hidden Ridge TrailRedmond0.52771113
SE 38thFactoria0.31469.315
98th Ave NEBellevue0.61444.412
NE 60thKirkland0.93697.90
SW 248thVashon Island0.51947.20
107th Ave - SE 232Vashon Island1.025950
SW Pohl RoadVashon Island0.82716.80
Vashon Highway from the SouthVashon Island1.02985.50
Bates Walk SWVashon Island0.83699.30
SW Reddings Beach RoadVashon Island0.41788.40
SW 220thVashon Island0.93687.80
SW Cove RoadVashon Island1.33775.50
Burma Rd #1Vashon Island0.113417.10
Burma Rd #2Vashon Island0.112017.90
Sylvan Beach RoadVashon Island0.636010.50
SW 112th / 103rd AveVashon Island0.92806.10
Point Vashon DriveVashon Island0.319110.50
103rd Ave SWVashon Island0.215211.50
Van Olinda RoadVashon Island1.12554.50
Soper RoadVashon Island0.6301100
87th AvenueVashon Island0.92966.40
Ellisport RoadVashon Island0.93006.40
Luana Beach RoadVashon Island0.72015.60
Point Robinson RoadVashon Island2.04714.50
99th AveVashon Island1.52983.80
ManzanitaVashon Island1.43574.90
264th / 94thVashon Island0.31699.70
Sandy ShoresVashon Island0.528811.50
240thVashon Island0.93246.60
Sunset Elementary TrailBellevue0.61063.60
41 Point 5Bellevue0.41767.60
Lake Washington Blvd at I-90 0.510240
Hollywood HillWoodinville1.94434.40
Old Woodinville Duvall roadWoodinville0.61805.30
Somerset from the WestBellevue1.66387.60
SE 49th StreetSomerset0.316711.60
SE 51stSomerset0.212511.20
SE 51st Part 2Somerset0.19217.10
SE 26th StBellevue0.41859.90
SE 21st PlBellevue0.623270
168th Pl Bellevue0.212513.50
3rd StreetKirkland0.623370
6th St WKirkland0.3875.90
Forbes CreekKirkland1.11462.40
NE 112th StJuanita0.61695.70
76thFinn Hill0.00NaN0
76thFinn Hill0.93387.40
81stFinn Hill0.83397.80
4th / 216thBothell1.73163.60
80th Ave NEBothell0.91813.70
NE 165th 0.187140
Saybrook Dr 0.41698.30
NE 122nd 0.42249.70
172nd Ave NERedmond1.31922.80
NE 143rd PlRedmond1.12364.20
171st PlWoodinville0.71935.40
NE 160th 0.6973.20
171st Ave NERedmond0.72968.30
NE 172nd PLWoodinville1.22744.20
127th Ave 0.31338.60
Education Hill (from the west, easier route)Redmond2.13573.30
Mitchell HillIssaquah2.26875.90
BA Hill Climb to Private Property SignIssaquah1.46088.20
Squak Mountain Rd Se (dirt)Issaquah2.6166512.30
216th Ave NESammamish0.92655.80
Sammamish City HallSammamish0.41025.50
217th Ave NESammamish0.41467.60
Highland DriveSomerset0.72526.60
180th AveRedmond0.41035.20
SE 22nd PlSammamish0.52239.40
Short HellMaple Leaf0.00NaN0
Hell HillMaple Leaf0.00NaN0
NE 154thWoodinville0.82525.80
High PointWest Seattle0.00NaN0
30th Ave. SWWest Seattle0.00NaN0
30th Ave. SWWest Seattle0.00NaN0
30th Ave. SWWest Seattle0.00NaN0
30th Ave. SWWest Seattle0.00NaN0
155th Ave NENewcastle0.61936.20
Benson DriveRenton2.13723.40
175thCougar Mountain1.46578.90
SW 43rdRenton1.23776.20
Highland and HarrisonIssaquah3.19025.50
Six Penny LaneNewcastle0.72225.80
SE 49th Kicker #1Factoria0.214614.80
SE 48 KickerFactoria0.212812.90
142nd AveSomerset0.641914.10
147th Ave SESomerset0.93838.50
152nd AveSomerset0.421910.50
155th Pl Somerset1.14006.80
Double Diamond to SummitSomerset2.57355.50
264th AveNovelty Hill0.422611.60
BGT up NE 70th St 0.00NaN0
NE 70th St 0.00NaN0
NE 70th St 0.00NaN0
SE 48thEastgate0.82395.90
Black Nugget Grand RidgeSammamish2.97674.90
NE 144thWoodinville0.217816.70
Telus DriveIssaquah0.73929.90
Telus NorthIssaquah0.746111.70
SE 25thBellevue0.82295.30
Rt. 30 Laughlintown to Laurel Mountain SummitLaughlintown, PA0.00NaN0
Grand Ridge (full hard route)Issaquah3.810425.20
Forty One Point Five to the SummitBellevue4.1109750
Guillotine Woodinville, WA0.00NaN0
Counterbalance Queen Anne AvenueQueen Anne0.00NaN0
SE 24thBellevue0.00NaN0
Queen Anne Ave.Lower Queen Anne0.00NaN0
The UplandsSammamish0.51907.50
236th Ave NE, north from 202 0.00NaN0
Somerset SummitBellevue0.214511.80
N. Meadodale RdEdmonds, Wa0.00NaN0
N. Meadodale RdEdmonds, Wa0.00NaN0
Newport 164th LakemontBellevue3.06574.10
Grand Ridge (Sufferin' Summits) routeIssaquah3.910174.90
Hollywood HighlandsWoodinville0.2206160
Renton HillRenton WA0.00NaN0
Chinook PassChinook Pass0.00NaN0
Lakemont to Open Windows School Bellevue, WA0.00NaN0
Edmonds Woodway Richmen BeachEdmonds0.00NaN0
Horizon View SEKennmore0.00NaN0
Grand Ridge (new Sufferin' Summits route)Issaquah3.69084.80
Mt. BrummettSammamish0.433616.80
Lakeside PlaceSeattle0.421410.70
35th AvenueSeattle0.62086.40
40th Ave NESeattle0.31619.20
Horizon ViewKennmore0.00NaN0
NE 133rdWoodnville0.00NaN0
NE 133rdWoodnville0.00NaN0
Talus Sufferin' Summits RouteIssaquah0.00NaN0
Talus Sufferin' Summits RouteIssaquah0.00NaN0
Talus Sufferin' Summits RouteIssaquah0.00NaN0
Talus Sufferin' Summits RouteIssaquah0.00NaN0
NE 20th StBellevue 0.00NaN0
NE 20th StBellevue 0.00NaN0