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Edge & Spoke Sufferin' Summits Passport 2 Pain RAMROD 7 Hills of Kirkland
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Hover over a climb to see the climb details show up in the statistics window. Click on the climb to zoom to the climb. Click on the restore button to zoom back out.

Climbs are drawn on the graph using color coding. It is mostly accurate. Elevation gain is calculated based on the elevations at the start and end of the climb; if there are intermediate descents in the middle, the elevation gain will not include them in the total. Maximum gradient is a guess based upon the data, but it may underestimate or overestimate the steepness depending on how good or bad the data is.

If you want to enter climbs, create a login and send email to Eric.

Once you have privs to enter climbs, zoom to the approximate area for the new climb, and click "add climb". Enter the text information, and choose "Enter path". Choose "Set start", click on the start point of the map, and then click on "Set end". This will put the map into directions mode; you can drag the start or end point around. If the route does not go where you want it to go, you can drag it around to make it right. Choose upload when you are done.

At this point, the system will go off and fetch the elevation data from USGS. It will take a while, and if it's a long climb it might take quite a long time.

Once you have entered the climb, you can click "edit route" or "edit info" to edit the climb. If you are editing the route, click on "show endpoints"; this will put the map back into directions mode; click update when you are finished.